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At Partners in Diastasis Rehabilitation (PIDR) we know that a diastasis recti can be the unknown culprit for many ailments suffered by women, men and children.   

If you experience: 
  • ​Regular back pain
  • Being mistaken for an expecting mom, when you are not
  • Bloating with food or beverage intake
  • A mummy tummy that worsens as the day goes on 
  • A mummy tummy despite being reasonably fit elsewhere 
  • Urine or gas leaking with daily activities or exercise
  • An outie belly button
  • An umbilical hernia
It is very likely that you have a diastasis recti. ​

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The word diastasis means separation.  A diastasis recti is the separation of the rectus abdominis muscle. There is a non-surgical solution to healing this separation!
Learn how.
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